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Terriers Farm Development

The development application submitted by Persimmon & Redrow

The indicative development framework plan as shown in the Council’s development plan

Terriers Farm was identified many years ago as a potential housing site, but has not been built on whilst development was taking place in other parts of the town. These alternative sites have now run out, so along with the other five “reserve sites”, Terriers Farm has had to be released for development.

When an application was last made for Terriers Farm, the Council, your Councillors and the local community were able to oppose it because it was possible to show that there were other sites available. This is no longer an option.

If the Council had not done this, it would have left it open to developers (who already own the site) putting in a planning application without consultation with local residents. The Council, working with local residents, has put together a brief for the site so that it has some control over of the numbers and types of homes built. A copy of the development brief can be viewed here.

The site owners do not have to abide by the brief in their application but should be guided by it. The two illustrations above show the layout in the application, against the layout in the planning brief. The main differences are that the applicants have excluded the farm buildings from their application and have proposed developing more of the eastern side of the site.

There are three planning applications that have been submitted covering different aspects of the site. They are:

Reference: 21/07002/FUL

Proposal: Erection of 418 dwellings, associated parking, landscaping, open space, formal sports pitch provision and diversion of PROW, along with vehicle and pedestrian access from Kingshill Road and Amersham Road (A404).

At: Land At Terriers Farm, Kingshill Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

By: Persimmon Homes (North London) Ltd. & Redrow Homes (South Midlands) Ltd.

Reference: 21/07202/FUL

Proposal: Creation of new vehicular access from Kingshill Road

At: Land Opposite Tower Street, Kingshill Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

By: Redrow Homes (South Midlands) Limited

Reference: 20/07720/FUL

Proposal: AMENDED PLANS FOR: A hybrid planning application seeking: detailed planning permission for the erection of 40 residential units including associated vehicular access, areas of open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure, and; outline permission for two residential units intended for custom or self-build with details of access only and all other matters reserved.

At: Land North Of Terriers Lodge, Amersham Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

By: Find Estates

This is not part of Terriers Farm and is an application to build over the old cricket field of Terriers House.

All these applications can be viewed on the Council’s website at: https://publicaccess.wycombe.gov.uk/

You can also register an objection to the application and make comments.

One of the issues with the development is the extra traffic it will generate. The video, shot in 2016, shows the traffic movement in the morning rush hour around Kingshill Road and Amersham Road. It is proposed that there will be two entrances to the new development, one from Kingshill Road near the junction with Tower Street, and one onto the A404 Amersham Road, at the junctions with De Havilland Drive. How additional traffic will be managed is a valid concern for any planning application.