“Using my experience for the benefit of my constituents”

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Tony Green

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Tony is a traditional conservative

He believes in:

Political beliefs

About Tony

Tony is an experienced local councillor, first being elected to the London Borough of Lambeth in 1982.

He has been a member of Buckinghamshire Council since its formation in April 2020, currently representing the ward of Terriers and Amersham Hill. Prior to the creation of the new unitary authority, Tony was a member of Wycombe District Council since 1999.

He has held many senior positions on all the councils including having been deputy leader of Wycombe Council.

In 2003-4 he was Mayor of High Wycombe and in 2018-19 was the Chairman of Wycombe District Council.

In his business life he has been a microbiologist, an I.T. Consultant and run his own small business. He has worked in both the private and public sectors.

Tony tops the poll in Buckinghamshire Council election for Terriers and Amersham Hill ward.